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One of the biggest challenges for brands is to understand indsutries other than their own. Our workshops apply these challenges into one of the worlds fastest growing sports.

All workshops includes

  • A planning and objectives meeting with you prior to the workshop to plan out the main themes with your organization to maximize your learning 
  • You will receive all course material and a report describing how we believe your brand should proceed 

Workshop #1 - Intro to Esports

Workshop #2 - Esports strategy

The necessary basic knowledge you need to know about esports

  • What is esports
  • Popular genres and games
  • Esports demographics
  • The ecosystem of esports
  • Simple cases

At the end of our workshops you will have gained understanding of the basic structures of esports, the most popular games and how viewership works. This will enable your team to start thinking about ways to effectively position your brand in esports.

You know the necessary basics of esports and are ready to start crafting a strategy

  • Marketing cases
  • What important things do you need to bear in mind while engaging?
  • How does your brand fit?
  • General guidelines for communicating with esports enthusiasts

At the end of this session you will have gotten inspiration and tools for your team to start creating an esports strategy for your brand.


Insights & Analytics

We work out an analysis of your organizations true needs and key objectives matched up to your identity and make a suggestion for future ventures.

Business Development

Based on the insights we have acquired alongside your organization, develop a plan for future engagement and critical objectives in the esports space. We at Araña will tailor the strategy to suit your identity.

Connecting Services

Utilizing our extensive network and industry specific knowledge, we will connect your company to the right potential partners to maximise synergetic returns.


By initiating your effort, we will together create incredible fan engagements, by using strategic positioning and an international marketing perspective.

Follow ups & Concluding report

We will provide you with reports on how your venture is evolving; we will also submit a final report at the end of your project to give you insight into your venture’s impact.

Relationship management

Having multiple sponsorships and partners requires a lot from you. We will monitor your relationships for you. Such that your level of interaction is manageable for everyone.

About Araña


To enable current and future actors, in the constantly evolving esports community, to structure their ventures profitably and sustainably.


Transparency – Creativity – Sustainability 

The company

Araña is a management consulting and marketing firm specializing in e-sports. Our team, and partners offer insight and opportunities for organizations looking to get into the esports industry.

We will help your business improve on your strategy, business model, revenue streams, value proposition, go-to-market strategy, project and change management, and then we help you implement the solution.


Peter Kneiszl


Experience from working with companies in industries like: Consumer Goods, Hospitality and Esports.

Bachelor of International Marketing, from BI Business School, Oslo, Norway & ESADE, Barcelona, Spain.

With minors in Business Law from Uppsala University, Sweden and Blockchain from the University West, Sweden.

Swedish, English, French and Spanish

Sondre Kallhovd


Management Consultant, with experience from industries like: Retail, IT/Banking and Public Sector Marketing.

Master of Science in Business with a Major in Strategy from BI Business School, Oslo, Norway & University of Florida, Gainesville, USA.

Bachelor Of Business Administration, from BI Business School, Oslo, Norway.

Norwegian and English

Stefan Sandén

Legal Advisor

With 40 years experience as a lawyer, 26 of which as a senior partner in DLA Piper in Stockholm, Sweden. Stefan has worked mostly with contract disputes. Oftentimes these disputes where of such nature that the press would cover the proceedings extensively.

Stefan is currently pursuing his PhD in Contract Law at the University of Stockholm.

Swedish and English

Erik "ZiViZ" Lövgren


Being the 1v1 World Champion in League of Legends, and also having extensive experience with CS:GO is a fantastic asset for any company. In addition, he has diverse knowledge with games like DotA2 AC and Rocket League, which gives Araña an incredible access to industry specific knowledge.

System Science at Gothenburg University.

Swedish and English

Kristian Hederfeld


The accountant on team Araña has experience from multiple industries and multiple organizational forms, Araña is able to offer guidance in financial matters for both players and teams.  

Master of Science in Business and Economics with a Major in Finance and Auditing from the University of Linköping, Linköping, Sweden.

Swedish and English

Got esport talent?

We are here to help you!

You shouldn’t have to worry about other aspects of your life than your profession. 

You will get to focus on your game, and not contracts. Our attorney is a former senior partner at DLA Piper in Stockholm for 26 years, with a main focus on cases regarding litigation and commercial law. 

We will help you build and promote your personal brand at a wide array of media platforms to create lucrative business opportunities for you and the story you want to tell.

Araña offers a business consulting service for you to seize and optimize your opportunities at this moment in esports history.